Friday, November 5, 2010

Ornament Month: Tiny Yarn Ball Ornaments

One more quick and easy ornament to fill out the week!   Aren't these tiny yarn balls adorable?   They are some of my favorite ornaments so far :)   I got my inspiration here.  I didn't do mine exactly like this tutorial though.  I didn't use a Styrofoam base, instead mine are solid yarn. Instead of dowels, mine are toothpicks with wooden beads on the end.  I also didn't use any glue - I just left a long end at the end of my yarn ball, stuck the end through my little yarn ball using a needle, and tied a loop on the other side.  Then I hid the remaining end inside the ball.  I have tons of yarn, and already had the toothpicks, and found the beads on clearance at Michael's, so this ended up being a super cheapy cheap ornament - and I love them!  Yay! 

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Sam Harvey said...

these are adorable. so many color options. solid yarn! after a while don't you think the tree would fall over? i like the rainbow yarns alot! i have your box of goodies. i finished my craft fair today. i haven't opened it yet. i am savoring. ready...get set...craft explosion!