Monday, November 8, 2010

Ornament Month! Tiny Tree Ornament

Today's ornament idea came from everyone's favorite crafter (Besides me of course) Martha Stewart!
Here is her tutorial for these cute stacked button ornaments: Button Ornaments.  Note that the little Christmas tree was totally my idea though ;)

I didn't use pipe cleaners.  Instead I used this fun colored wire I got on clearance at Michael's!

If you happen to get your hands on this stuff, be careful.  I've broken it a few times just by twisting too hard.  So for my ornament I used double ply red wire and then CAREFULLY twisted it into a hanger at the top. 

Other than that, all you need is buttons!  I happen to have tons of buttons right now (I got a whole bunch in the dollar bin at Michael's with a 20% off entire purchase coupon, so that worked out to be a pretty good deal!  In fact I might get some more this weekend when my new 20% off coupon becomes active. I absolutely love shopping the dollar bins with a 20% off coupon!)

I love buttons! Even though it is pretty tiny, and may get a little lost on a big Christmas tree, I really like how my little tree ornament turned out so I'm thinking I'll try a snowman next.  Here's hoping it turns out great!  And if you love buttons as much as me I have another even more awesome button ornament to show you soon :)

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