Saturday, June 5, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Nome's brag-a-long!

This post is EXTREMELY overdue.  Like seriously.  Ages ago (end of March)  I won this blog giveaway at Naomi's blog - Nome's brag-a-long!  This was the first blog giveaway I ever won and I was SUPER excited!  I won 'giveaway #1' and got the super cute keyring pouch and fun cross stitch kit (I'm sad to say my kit is now buried somewhere in the craft room - I guess it will be a fun surprise when it turns up again!)

I've been using my little zippered pouch to carry all my allergy medicines. It's the perfect size!  I love it! I'll have to find another use for it when allergy season is done.

It is so cute and so well made!  Love love love it!

Plus since more than 50 people entered the giveaway, Naomi included a little bonus prize - the cutest little owl keychain!

So sweet!

A big - long overdue - thank you to Naomi!  Go ahead and check out her blog!  She has made some really great bags!  I absolutely love her fabric choices.  Seriously - check it out!


MOM said...


Laura Maurer said...

you seriously need to start eating local honey if you don't already. It really helps seasonal allergies!

Jenny said...

You know, I've heard that but i always forget to try it. This year I had some samples of Nasonex (so I was like that bee that was sad because I couldn't smell the flowers without sneezing) which worked great! I know Stephen would be game for local honey, we just don't use much honey so we don't think about it! I even know a local beekeeper...