Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dustbunnies put the "fun" in functional!

A while back I saw this tutorial for these goofy screen dusters and saved it away for the day when I could find cheap materials for it.  Later I found the noodly wash mits at the dollar tree and knew that the time had come to make the neatest screen dusters ever!  I went to the tutorial and printed out the pattern. This was a little tricky since I couldn't find a good program to get it sized properly.  I think I ended up just opening it in paint and printing it full size, and it came out pretty close to correct, so I just went with it.  Then I used it to cut out my pattern pieces and chop up my noodle mit:

Like so

FYI - if you chop up a noodly piece of fabric like this you will find little bits of noodle all over yourself and everything else in your craft room for the rest of your life.  

This ended up being a super cheapy cheap project because I used leftover fleece from a different project, and leftover felt from another different project.  I spent $1 on the mit, and $.99 on the safety eyes. It was really fast too - I finished both in one evening, which is pretty good for me given my habit of putting things off.

Laying out the spacing for the faces on Stephen's alien

Now the faces and eyes are sewn on - these are starting to look awesome right?

Voila!  We're done!

And here's my bunny

"Wow!  Thanks for making me this awesome computer cleaner honey!  I love you so much!"

This was actually the first and last time the alien ever cleaned a screen.  I brought my bunny to work but Stephen didn't want to take his with him.  I found it under the couch the other day.  I guess there is dust under there, but that's not really the point.  Now it's sitting underneath the wii remote on the coffee table.  Oh well.  I understand that not everyone appreciates awesomeness the way I do.


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

This is such a cute idea! Im stopping by to let you know that you won the $60 Mikarose Giveaway at Please get back to me within 48 hours to accept this prize. Congrats!

Allison said...

those are so cute! Thank you, I just love that idea

Teresa said...

Cute AND functional! Now, that's awesome! :)