Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's honesty time here at Full of Craft.  I really wish my craft room was organized.  I sometimes like to pretend that everything is in it's place and easily accessible, but the truth is I'm a wreck.  I do have plans for this room, and some day they may even come true, but as long as my craft room is also the guest bedroom I don't think it will ever be perfect.  I dream of the day when I can have my own space to fill with shelves and shelves of fabric and pretty paper and buttons and bows all neatly and beautifully arranged but who are we kidding right?  For your entertainment, here are some photos I snapped of the craft room at one of it's worst moments, most of which has been cleaned up, or at least moved, by now (I'm not going to go look at the room today, because I might find that it's actually worse off...)

Cutting board is almost always spread out in the middle of the room, unless company is coming over.  It doesn't usually have so much random junk sitting on it.

The Storage Piano.  Pretty much as looked like this for a year.

Green Chair #1.  All this fabric has since been folded and put away.  I think.

There is a bed under here somewhere...  Thanks to some bed lifts most of this stuff now lives under the bed.

Green chair #2. I have an obsession with boxes and tins.  Too bad I don't have an obsession for shelves to put them on.

I hope I helped you feel a little better about your overcrowded closets and messy nooks and crannies! Wanna come help me clean?


mom said...

You need that dental cabinet - but so far no plans in the works for transporting it :(

mom said...

you should go visit gramma sometime & get a bunch of fabric from her

Jenny said...

I think i might be at fabric capacity! I definitely need to organize before I build any more stash!