Monday, September 6, 2010

Wine Charms and Greeting Cards: A present for my BFF

My best friend Katie graduated with her masters earlier this year.  Oh Master Katie!  You are so awesome!  Of course I wanted to give her an awesome present to celebrate the event.  Part of that present was the One Yard Wonders wine set I posted about earlier, but there were some other BONUS presents too! I thought I'd post about them since they were really simple to execute, but I think they also have the potential to be meaningful if you put a little thought into it.

First I made her an awesome set of wine glass charms to go along with the theme.

I picked out some special charms at Hobby Lobby that reminded me of Katie and all the fun things we've done together over the years, and put a little tag on each one so she could know why I picked them.

Then I packaged them all up in this cute little box!

Next, I made her a set of greeting cards on shutterfly featuring photos from Baylor, where we both graduated from (although I'm no master...)  Stephen and I spent a fun afternoon running around taking photos.  I tried to take at least a few photos of places that were significant to Katie.

I bound the cards up with some cut scrapbook paper and a mini yo-yo with some buttons.  All in green and gold of course - sic 'em bears!  I think it ended up being a really really cute and extremely simple presentation!

You'd be excited to get this gift right?  I know I would ;)

Thanks for being my friend Katie!  You're so awesome!

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Katie said...

Umm... You are the awesomest! I loved this gift so much, I know you remember, I almost cried!! You are so good at giving good gifts!!! Also you have the coolest blog, and not just because you mention me sometimes.