Monday, September 20, 2010

Craft Room Overhaul Part 2: Goodbye Green Chairs!

I started writing last month about how I am updating my craft room, but then I didn't get past one post about it.  Oops!  Well I have been working on it, just not keeping up with it very well.  One big hangup - actually two big hangups - in the redecorating process are two of these lovely green chairs:

Dear green chair: I hate you

Ok, hate is really a strong word for these chairs.  I don't actually hate them, they are pretty comfortable, and only marginally ugly (mostly just because they are stained).  I just hated having them in my house for so long after I'd decided to get rid of them.  Stephen got a pair of these chairs from a friend of his back in the day when he had no furniture, and they came with him to our house now, and when we got married they became my green chairs too, and were extra seating in the living room.  Then we decided to turn our big living room into a living/dining room, so there was no room for the green chairs in there anymore.  So we stuck them in the guest bedroom.  Then I decided to turn the guest bedroom into a bedroom/craft room.  I coexisted peacefully with the green chairs in there for a long time.

I used them to store all my junk:

I used them to take photos on:

Then I decided to get organized. I also I decided I needed a separate table for crafts that didn't have my sewing machine on it.  That's when I started hating these chairs.  There they were, sitting in the corner of my craft room, taking up precious space that could be used for a craft table, which I knew would increase my creativity by leaps and bounds.  It was time to kick them to the curb.  I thought about freecycling them, but instead, I decided to be a good sister.  My little sister was moving into her own apartment, so I asked her if she wanted them.  "Sure!" she said.  I started getting excited.  I started planning a trip that weekend to pick up my new table that weekend. "I can get them in August," she said.  I pouted.  It was the beginning of July!  I wanted things to happen, and I wanted them to happen NOW!  The next day someone posted on my freecycle message board that they were looking for a set of living room chairs, and they would pick them up any time, anywhere.  My resentment started to grow.  Then the next Sunday the college minister made an announcement that they were collecting furniture for the college students, and one thing they really needed was living room chairs.  Then I started to really hate those green chairs. 

At this point, so he wouldn't have to put up with my grouching anymore, Stephen said, "Let's put one of the chairs in my studio, so you can get your table."  YAY!  I could manage to fit the remaining green chair somewhere else for the remainder of July in order to get my new table.  I cheered up.  Then I found out the actual removal date of the chairs was the END of August...  I was about ready to just throw the things out in the yard and call it a day.  But instead I persevered!  Despite my impatience, the pickup day finally came.  We moved the green chairs out into the breezeway that night:

And when we got home from work the next day, they were gone.  Never to be seen again!  WOOHOO!  Goodbye green chairs, I will not miss you. You were not bad chairs, just misunderstood.  I understand that this experience was a lot more dramatic for me than it was for anyone else, but it is very frustrating when you are ready to get rid of something and it just lingers and lingers. But I feel that now that I've gotten my story out, I can finally start to let it go - start to heal.

Also Becky, good luck ever getting rid of them.


Laura Maurer Storms said...

Hooray! I'm so happy that you were able to get rid of your inherited green chairs! Now they will have a better life running in open patures on the farm I mean, siting in BD's apartment!

Unfortunately, a decorative plate that says "Shalom Ya'll" and a Mug that says "Who Farted?" cannot be blamed for taking up too much space. Alas, I am now stuck with these two husband-inherited lovely pieces of decorative art, of which I don't think I will ever proudly take ownership.

What I Did Today said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I inherited an impatient streak, when it comes to projects, from my mom. We both have this tendendancy to decide to do something and then get super irritated if anything causes a delay or stop to the process. It's alost irrational and embarrassing (when I throw a hissing fit because I'm missing a key piece to my conquest). :) Glad you were finally able to give those chairs the boot!

crystal said...

Aw, you poor kid! That WAS a very long wait!!!!

Hopefully, those chairs are now just a foggy memory, because you're blissfully busy with your newly found wide open space - where you can plan and dream and create! :-)