Friday, July 16, 2010

One Yard Wonders: Wine-Lovers' Special

Just a quick note for all of you who follow me through Google Reader - I slipped up and published at least one post too early last night - clicked publish instead of schedule to publish... oops!  Even though I deleted the post it's still showing up in my reader, so if it doesn't make sense where it is, just stay tuned.  It will be published in it's correct place soon enough!  Now on with today's scheduled post...

I love wine!  If I had to choose my favorite drink (of the adult variety) it would be red wine!  Pretty much any kind of red wine, unless it is a super nasty one of course.  Or sweet.  I don't like my alcohol sweet thank you very much.  Unless it is a fruity island drink...

Ok - back on track!  I love wine, especially drinking wine with my friends, so when my BFF graduated last may I knew I wanted to give her a bottle of wine.  As a bonus, Stephen is my designated wine picker, so he would get to have a hand in the gift too!  Being the crafty crafter that I am, I decided to cute the gift up a little bit with my One Yard Wonders book, and make the wine bag and coasters in the Wine-Lovers' Special.

My apologies, but  I didn't take any "in process" pictures of this one.  However, you can trust me when I say this is super easy!  The wine bag takes like 5 minutes - at first I thought the ribbon tie was just a lazy excuse to not have a drawstring, but in the end, I think it looks much nicer to have the ribbon tied around the top in place of a scrunched up drawstring neck.

The coasters were a breeze too!  Personally, I think the coasters are a little doofy - I've never needed a coaster for my wine before, much less one that slides over the bottom of the glass.  But I figure they were fun and easy to make, and they could be used for regular drinks too - I made mine a little bigger than the book said to, since I have some really BIG wine glasses, and I made a set of six, so I would NOT be able to get 2 bag/coaster sets out of my one yard of fabric.  I zipped through the coasters assembly line style, and ended up finishing the whole thing in a couple of hours, I probably would have finished faster if I hadn't been watching TV intermittently.  I think the set turned out great!  Don't you Tommy?

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Toni said...

Love that fabric! Haven't gotten to that project yet but have done a couple from this fabulous book!