Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can you beer me another thumb tack?

You may remember that I blogged about making a super cute tack board last month.  I actually made some tacks for it the same day, but didn't get around to blogging it before now. I never took any after pictures of the darn things until weeks later.  Since the tack board sat around unblogged for a long time, this post is way overdue.  I'm a little slow on the blogging...

I've been saving beer bottle caps for a while now, and I've got about a million of them (Stephen likes beer) but I knew  I wanted to make tacks out of them some day.  I made one out of a budweiser cap back when they had that "beware the penguins" ad campaign, since I was in that "Penguins are Awesome" stage of life that everyone goes through, and the cap had a penguin on it so I couldn't throw it out.  I was too young to drink that beer, so I'm not sure where the cap came from.  Of course that's not really important at all...  I still have that penguin tack but it's all rusted so I didn't want to put it in my pretty fabric tack board.

This project was made entirely by stuff I already had on hand!  Awesome!  All I did was find all the flat backed tacks I had, and hot glued them into the backs of the bottle caps. 

The cap on the far right is my penguin tack.  I'm so vintage.

If I were to do this project more carefully, I'd probably put some sort of backing in the cap before I filled it up with hot glue, because the tacks sort of sink in, and this method takes up a LOT of glue, but at the time I was going for quick and easy results, and I'm happy what I came out with.

The boring part: watching the tacks to make sure they don't sink into the glue.

Although the tacks ended up a little short due to the sinkage, they stay stuck in the board just fine!  I'm really happy with how they came out!  Recycling is fun!!

Can you tell we are Shiner people?


Arlette said...

This is a fantastic idea and a wonderful way to recycle. Love it!

Laura Maurer said...

I'm glad you have at least one New Belgium!