Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Week: Library Shower Guest Book

This post really ought to be one of my "Focus on the crafts of others" posts, but since I already had the "Wedding Week" headline, it felt like a little much... 

Anyways, here's a quick little post about a fun craft one of our friends/coworkers whipped up for our shower!  If you don't know, both Stephen and I are library employees.  He works in the glamorous music library - I started out there as a student worker, but now I'm a real staff member, and I'm down in the dingy, falling-apart basement (It's not all as bad as that - at least I can see out the window into the garden from my desk). About a month before our wedding both of our departments got together and threw us an awesome summer/beach themed shower!  It was a lot of fun! 

One of my favorite things at the shower was the guest book.

Most of you have probably never checked out a score from our music library, but this is what they look like.  I spent many years as a student worker sewing the loose scores into these gray covers so I was particularly tickled that the guest book was done up as a score, with it's own call number label, and reserve tape.  I can't remember for sure, but I think there is a strip of tattle tape in there too...

I'm not sure about the opinions of the other student workers in the music library, but I loved sewing scores.  It was probably my number one favorite duty during my student worker time.  Just goes to show you I'm a crafter at heart!  If you recall, I used the same technique to make my wedding programs.

Thanks library friends for the awesome guestbook and the awesome shower!

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