Monday, July 12, 2010

Grandma Stash: Part 2 - Thread Galore!

The majority of my newest craft acquisition is the motherload (or grandmotherload if you will) of thread!  There have been a few previews of the thread stash floating around here, and now I'm ready to tell you all about it!  This is a picture heavy post so get ready :)

The total score was a big old box of about 650 spools of thread, mostly on wooden spools, that had been stored in my grandma's sewing cabinet for ages! Where did all this thread come from?  My mom says that someone donated all of it when she was young, and her family was taking a charity trip down to Mexico.  I try not to feel bad that I'm now the owner of a bunch of stolen charity thread...

The majority are small spools of Belding Corticelli mercerized cotton.

There were 491 spools of this stuff in various colors! Lots of multiples too.  I have no idea if this will be useful for sewing - it's so old, and I know at least some of it is so brittle it just breaks when you pull on it, but a few seem to stand up to the tugging, so maybe...  I don't think I'd load it up into my sewing machine though.  Regardless, they sure are pretty to look at!

Three small "tray" boxes of cotton

The bottom layer of the big box was filled with it too.

Besides all that, there was a shoebox stuffed with mercerized cotton spools!

Shoe box layer #1

Shoe box layer #2

Shoe box layer #3 - getting a little unruly!

Next I had this shoe box to dig through:

I thought it was just more of the same, but it was mostly all Belding Corticelli Poly Bond

There were 97 spools of Poly Bond, and the colors as a whole were a lot brighter than the cotton.  It seems stronger too, so I'll probably try it in a sewing project before long!

The last definable group of thread was the silk twist.  There were 32 spools of this in all, and it was mostly Belding Corticelli but there were a few Coats and Clarks in there too.  This stuff is lovely, and nice and strong!  I don't think I have that much green stuff that needs sewing though...

The last category is the "others" (Not to be confused with the Others from Lost.  These others do not pose a threat to anyone).  These are various large and small spools of Belding Corticelli, Coats and Clark, and Talon threads.  There are a handful of plastic spools in here. 

Now if you know anything about me at all, this next part won't be any kind of surprise to you, but after I went through the thread, I entertained myself by stacking and arranging my threads in pretty designs.  And as I hope you noticed from my new header picture, it made for a great photo op!

I'm totally excited to have all this thread!  Some of it is already on it's way to a new home, and I've got plans for some of the ones I'm not going to use for sewing!  Stay tuned for thread projects in the near future!


What I Did Today said...

One word: JEALOUS.

Micki said...

What a wonderful find! I am sure that you will put it all to use. Thanks for stopping by and joining me.
It will be nice getting to know you!

Stephanie said...

WOW. THAT IS A LOT. that can last you a lifetime (or 5 lifetimes!). If you don't use them all you could always sell them on etsy!

guurrrl said...

It looks like thread heaven!!!

(Blogger award for you

Mom said...

Just imagine all the thread there was to go to Mexico - cuz we only kept a small portion. The pool table was stacked full of thread as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Frame them! They'd make awesome art.