Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabric Flowers: Probably not what Waterford had in mind...

Seriously everyone - you need to check out the Polka Dot Pineapple blog.  I LOVE IT! There are so many wonderful flower crafts on there and everything Lettie makes is adorable! (plus she lives in Hawaii!  Can it get any better?) I've only tried a couple of her tutorials but the results have been great.  The first one I tried was her Wire Edged Fabric Flowers.  Since she's got the tutorial laid out so well on her site I won't go into it here.  I've made several bouquets of these things already and always got great compliments on them - a STRANGER even approached me one day when I was making them to say how cute they were.  If only I were creative enough to come up with ideas like this on my own!  Take a look at some of my pictures of the process!!

I've had this fabric for YEARS!  I made a skirt with it when I was probably 14 or so.  I knew there was a good reason I hung on to it for so long - it's perfect for these flowers!!

The colors in this fabric are so close together that I soon learned that it was easier to cut the fabric pieces apart before I glued the wires down.  I got stuck with wires a lot less this way...

Then I learned that my petals wouldn't tip over if I weighted them down with clothes pins!  I do learn new things when I practice (with Tommy's help of course)!!

This is the best new technique I learned with this tutorial - wrapping a piece of tape around the nozzle so the stream of glue is really thin!  I can't believe I didn't think of this before!

Smell flowers?

And here's the finished result!  A beautiful bouquet of flowers! And look! Some of my glass marbles got a new lease on life.  Now they have something to do while they wait to become magnets.


Tommy loves flowers! No watering required, but dusting every now and again couldn't hurt.



Arlette said...

Your flowers turned out beautiful!! I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the tutorial. You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed browsing.

Laura Maurer said...

Wow, I really can't believe we never figured out that tacky glue trick before! We totally could have used that when we used to make all those puffy paint stickers too! Remember those things? They were fun, and also kinda gross looking.