Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guest Post - Laura's Crafts

I have been so inspired by Jenny's craft blog that she decided to allow me to contribute! Hooray! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Jenny's older sister, Laura, aka Josie's Mom. I used to do a lot more crafting BEFORE I was Josie's mom, but like I said before, I've been quite inspired lately!

In my previous crafting days, most of the items I made were for my dog, Melvin. Melvin is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix, but is probably the laziest dog I have ever known, and spends most of the day laying around either on his pillows or in his kennel (or on the couch when we're not looking!) In order to give him a little more privacy and also to make his kennel less of an eyesore, one of my latest projects was a kennel cover! I made it out of a insulated curtain I found on clearance at Target. It covers up his whole kennel nicely, but if you want to make one for a larger dog kennel, you'd probably need 2 curtains.

My next project was actually something I copied from Jenny's blog. I made myself a handy dandy grocery bag holder. Although I tried to make it large enough to hold all the bags I have, once it was finished, it only held about 1/3 of them! Darn it! The rest are still filling up all the "green" bags I do have. Hopefully some day I'll use them up and actually be able to bring my green bags to the store...

Another great project was my bedside pocket! I've really gotten into watching that show "Hoarders" on A&E, but it also made me realize, that if you judge me by my bedside table, I probably am a good candidate to be on that show. The pocket I made is great for holding my magazines, books, pens/pencils, chap stick, remotes, journals, etc. Now the only problem I still have to solve for is the 4-5 water glasses.

Lastly, I've been busy updating the Josie Signature Spring Collection. As of right now, it really only consists of PJs, but a couple cute dresses, and shirts are also in the works, so stay tuned. Here's a few shots of the supermodel herself showing off her new Froggy Pants and Weebug jammies (weebug = ladybug).

What a cutie!!!


MOM said...

Does the bed pocket go all the way across & have another on the other side?

Jenny said...

Yay! I'm excited that you wrote on my blog! I love Josie's new jammies :)

Laura Maurer said...

The bed pocked does not go all the way across. I have it on my to do list to make another one for Aaron's side, but its not done yet.