Sunday, February 7, 2010

Change we can believe in

There's an old saying that goes, "Don't change anything... ever."  Despite that, you may have noticed a few changes here on the old blog. I'll outline them for you here:

1) The other day my mom was over at our house, and when she was done admiring all of my latest creations she said, "Jenny, you are just so full of crafts!"  She said it kind of slowly, so I of course thought she was about to tell me I was full of something a lot less polite.  So from that we've got a new name, which I think is marginally more creative than "Jenny's Crafts", and creativity is good, so hooray for that! 

2) We have a new layout!  If you read this on your google reader then you probably did not notice this.  No big deal.  I only changed it because my pictures never centered properly on the old layout, and I'm not techie enough to figure out why, but it seems to work better with this layout, and it's still pink, so everything is good!

3) It's a good thing I changed the darn name of this blog because it's not just my crafts on the blog anymore! We have a new guest blogger!!!  This is the most exciting new thing here at Full of Craft!  My sister, Laura, was telling me about all the cool things she had been making so I invited her to write about them on my blog.  This is unfortunate for me though, because she has better access to cute pictures of Josie than I do, and I know the Josie pictures why most of you read this blog. I'm totally outmatched because I don't have a dog or a baby! I guess I'll just have to start getting cute pictures of Stephen to post.  Still, I'm super excited to have Laura sharing my blog because she is super cool and fun!!

4) I've added my twitter posts onto the right side bar.  Since I don't update the blog that often, I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone posted on what I'm up to.  I can post things from my phone as I'm working on them - doesn't that sound fun?  I'll try to keep up with posting previews on there as best I can.  Also, I noticed this feed doesn't load the pictures in a way that you can actually see them... and since I'm not techie enough to figure out how to change it so it does this on it's own, try right clicking on the links and view in a separate window.  Okee dokee!

That's all the change for now, but doesn't it just make you feel good?

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MOM said...

BD might want to post about some of her crocheting.