Friday, January 22, 2010

Bag em and tag em

I mentioned in my previous post that I'd used the pretty embroidered brown fabric for another project, so I thought I'd go ahead and share that with you too.  Now presenting, the baggie caddy!


I know we all have millions of grocery bags from the store, unless you are super green and remember to bring all of those tote bags you made with you to the store. No matter how cute Tommy bag is, I never remember it with me, so I made myself a little holder to keep all of my plastic grocery bags in one place.  It's not actually that little, it's kind of big, and right now it is jam packed full of bags.  This is a really simple project, and I put it together looking at photos of others that I saw on etsy and other craft sites.  It's basically just a tube of fabric with an elastic casing at the bottom, a strap at the top, and a little embelishment.  I probably could have done a neater job with it, but I was going for instant gratification on this one.  Total success!

With the extra fabric I made this lovely pillow,

which as it turns out is great for creating temporary tattoos!


Laura Maurer said...

Cool Tattoos. Do you want to make me a bag caddy for a wedding present? I never bring my "green" tote bags to the grocery store becasue right now they are all full of plastic grocery bags.

Anonymous said...

I look at the "green" totes and walk right on by.. I do however, save all of my plastic bags and recycle them. I was green before green was cool.