Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big B: My very first stamp

I think stamp carving is so cool.  I love it!  I learned about it from my old boss, Sha, because he carves stamps for letterboxing (a fun hobby!  Look it up!).  A long long time ago, back in my Plano days, I bought Stephen a Speedball stamp carving kit since he was getting interested in letterboxing.  Well that darn kit sat around in his room for months and months and months.  I guess he just wasn't interested in the crafty side of letterboxing.   I haven't bought him a surprise since*.

As you may know, I married this non-crafty guy this past July.  We decided to print the programs ourselves to save some cash.  We didn't want to just hand everyone a folded piece of paper, so we decided to do a card stock cover sewn to a piece of pretty computer paper with the order of service printed on it.  We wanted to put something on the cover of the program but couldn't put the card stock through the printer so a nice stamp seemed like a good idea, and we wanted a big B (for bunnies, butane, and broccoli).  We searched around and couldn't find any big enough or good looking enough. Lucky for me that stamp carving kit was still sitting around!  We found a font we liked on the computer, sized it just right and transferred the image onto the pink stamp carving material! FYI, stamp carving is really pretty easy, especially for basic shapes.  It's just tracing!

Anyways, the stamp came out great, and I love how our programs turned out! I will just pretend that everyone oooh-ed and aahhh-ed over them at the wedding.  Check out a few photos of our program assembly.

Hammering nail holes into the program pieces.
I learned this technique sewing scores when I was a student worker at the library.
Who knew I'd use my mad skilz again!

Stephen is a happy helper!

And the finished product!  B-utiful!

*Not true

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Laura Maurer said...

I definitely Ooohhed and Aaaahhed.