Monday, December 7, 2009

Becky's Birthday Stamps: Don't you wish your sister was hot like me?

Back at the end of October my little sister Becky had a birthday.  I didn't know what to get her, but I knew I wanted to make her something.  Becky like a lot of really weird quirky things, so I thought it might be fun to carve her some unique stamps of her favorite things that no one will ever find in a store. 
I'm really really happy with how they turned out!  I don't recall if I said this before, but in my opinion the only thing that is hard about carving stamps is the drawing part - the rest is just tracing.  Lucky for me I'm semi-decent at drawing cute little pictures.  At least I think so!  So let's get this show on the road:

First off, we have the Kardinal stamp (left) and the Walugi stamp.  Kardinal is Becky's alter-ego (I think!) She has red hair and wears a cape and can fly (maybe not...).  Waluigi is one of the newer characters from the Mario games.  I think he first showed up in the N64 game Mario Tennis and he is a bad guy.  I don't understand why her favorite characters are all bad guys, but hey, it wasn't my birthday present!

Next we have the symbol from Kardinal's forehead (right) and the RTF symbol.  This symbol is from Becky's original fiction she is writing, but I haven't read it, so I don't really know what it stands for.  All I know that it is something she really likes, with a fairly simple design, so I definitely had to include it.

This one is my favorite of the birthday stamps!  It's the interlocking BD!  If it is not instantly obvious to you, it is a play off of the interlocking BU of Baylor University (please don't sue me Baylor!).  Becky has had to live with the nickname BD for a long time now.  Becky progressed into BD like this: Becky => Bookie (Boo-Key) => Book Dog => BD.  Makes perfect sense right?  I guess it does if you're my brother at least.  Note that is Boo like a ghost, not like a book.  Also, although I wish I could take full credit for this awesome idea, Stephen actually thought of the interlocking BD.

Last but not least is the Piggo stamp.  I had a few small pieces of speedy carve left  and Piggo was quick and easy.  FYI Piggo is a plastic pig that came out of a quarter machine.  You can find out more about him here.
After I finished carving the stamps I sewed little fabric "cases" for them out of scrap fabric and stamped them for easy identification.  Then they were loaded up in a cute little wooden box from Michael's (FYI - never ever buy anything full price from a big chain craft store.  There are ALWAYS coupons available somewhere, especially if you can wait a few days!)

I may be getting a little cocky here, but I'm pretty sure this was the best birthday present ever!  Plus it was super fun to make!  Happy Birthday little sister!!

Hooray for quirkiness!


sha said...

awesome work, Jenny! and a super cool birthday present! i think you're a great carver. i might have to take lessons from you!

Laura Maurer said...

Man, you know way more about all of BD's stories and stuff than I do. I never knew who Kardinal was until now... I also could never figure out who piggo was and why he wanted to be my friend on facebook