Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Week: Belgian Lace Wedding Veil

Since I settle for nothing less than the best, I decided it was a good idea to fly to Brussels to shop for my wedding veil.  After all, no expenses should be spared for my big day.  Ok, the real deal is I got to go to Brussels for free since I'd just been canned (well technically "laid off") from my job, and my mom and my aunt were going anyways, so they invited me to come along. Regardless, I did get my wedding veil from Belgium!

Lace making demonstration in the lace shop - holy moly!  How do they do it!

Granted, this is not a craft I made myself, but since the veil was handcrafted, and it is beautiful, I felt it deserved a place on the blog!

Modeling my future wedding veil - looks great with the pink sweater doesn't it??

Before the trip, I was about ready to say "no thanks, I'm going without a veil."  All the ones we'd seen and tried on were just... bleh!  I didn't want something that looks like I could have thrown it together with about $10 worth of tulle and other supplies that I picked up at jo-ann's (especially when they were charging 10 times as much for it!)  My mom had the idea that when we were on our Belgium trip we could look for lace veils.  Great plan!  It was easy to fall in love with them!  (BTW - All photos from here forward were taken by Nicole Berrett, except the one of my sister)  During my bridal and wedding photo sessions, Nicole made sure to get some shots to high light the veil.

This style of lace is called "princess lace" it was a big oval that we folded over at the top and sewed to a hair comb which we just stuck into my bun, see?

Hey - I guess that I did do a little crafting on this one after all!  Except my mom actually sewed it on.  The idea was to attach it in a way that the next bride to use it could easily unattach the comb and style the veil as she chose, which my sister did for her wedding in February:

Sorry for the dark picture, but see how she wore it shorter than I did?

Now the veil has been tucked away again, waiting for the next bride to come along and make all her other bride friends jealous!  Wanna wear it yourself?  I've got a single brother ;)

Now for some more veil shots of beautiful beautiful me! During both of my photo sessions with Nicole we had designated veil-holder-outers.  Don't be fooled, I'm pretty sure there wasn't a lick of wind in the air either day.

Look how sweet we are!  Plenty of room for two in this veil!

And just for the heck of it - ain't I a sultry vixen?


Linda www.mykindofcooking.com said...

Incredible pictures! You do that beautiful veil justice. Your a good match for it. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous veil!

Mom said...

Oh Jen - Thanks for putting the veil in your blog - It really is something special :)

Stephen Bolech said...

What a hottie!

Carol said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Both you AND the veil~

Laura Maurer Storms said...

Now its time for you to learn how to make princess lace of your very own.

Lora said...

you look so beautiful!!

josephina said...


I absolutely love your veil from Belgium. You looked so beautiful wearing it. About how much was it buying it there?