Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Week: Wedding countdown calendar!

In honor of my and my husband's first anniversary on Sunday,  I chose this week to high light some of the crafts we did leading up to the big day!  To start, I made a wedding countdown calendar to help us keep track of how long was left till our wedding day!

It's made of plain old construction paper and some red gingham print ribbon.  It was super simple and super cute!  I think it went about 1 or 2 months out. I cut the ribbon long enough to hang it on the cabinet.  Jump to the last photo to get an idea of what I'm talking about.  Each day had the date and the number of days left written on it, and each day we got to tear off a page.  Fun!!  Unfortunately any before pictures I have are missing somewhere in the depths of the computer.  However I do have some action shots!

Here I am pulling off Day 43. 

This was sometime in June, June 6th I think... It was also the day of Holly's wedding which is why I'm looking so gorgeous.  I know I don't look it yet, but that's because the light is bad and my hair isn't dry yet.  Don't believe me about how beautiful I ended up?

Tada!  Told you :)

Here's me, suspiciously pulling off June 13th.  Perhaps I'm rethinking the engagement?  Nah!  Probably just rethinking the photo op.

Stephen and I pulling off the final day - this was when we came home after the rehearsal dinner.  Our final hours as singletons!

Zero days left! Hooray hooray hooray!!

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Linda said...

The week after my husband and I got engaged, he made me a chain to count down the days until our weeding. On each link he wrote me a special message. That was 28 years ago.