Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Week: Wedding Day Survival Kit

When I got married my good friend Tracy put together this handy and adorable wedding day survival kit for me!

 Taking a look at all the goodies packed inside at the shower

Seriously, everything I could think to need was packed in here - from extra deoderant, to tylenol.  Even a mini bottle of tequila!  I didn't end up needing that one...

Plus it was all decorated super cute!  With a little time and a little thought this would be a great gift for any brides in your life.  I can pretty much guarantee yours won't be as cute as mine though ;)
Mine has already been passed on to my sister.  Neither of us needed much of what was in there but it was sure nice to know it was on hand for emergencies!!! (Like cherry juice on the flower girl dress 5 minutes before the wedding is supposed to start!)
Thanks Tracy!!

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Amused said...

What a great idea! One of my good friends is getting married next weekend and this would be so useful!