Friday, August 20, 2010

Josie's Bunnies: Purl Bee Bunny Finger Puppets

Do you ever have those projects where you start off really excited about them, get to work on it, and then it fizzles out after a while?  Man it happens to me all the time!  This is one of those projects.  First of all how could you not get excited about this tutorial?  I found it over at the purl bee (which if you haven't checked it out, you should.  It's such a fantastic blog!)


I started on these with the intention of them being an Easter gift for my niece Josie.  That didn't exactly pan out, so I thought I would just send them as a surprise Josie present in my sister's birthday present box in May.  If you recall, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that this didn't exactly pan out either.  They did eventually get to Josie sometime in July and I hear they are a big hit!

I know I can't do any better than the tutorial over at the purl bee, so I'm just going to direct you there. As for my blog, please just enjoy the pretty pictures :)

 I just noticed this!  The tutorial took their bunny photos on a green back drop, and 
I took mine on my ugly old green chairs - great minds think alike!

I did make some minor changes from the tutorial.  I didn't use the recommended spring felt bundle, which I'm sure is just amazing!  I have limited selection here, so I just went for run of the mill Hobby Lobby felt squares.  I went ahead and picked up all the neon colors.

Also instead of stitching them with white thread, I used colored embroidery thread to match the felt.  I was pretty impressed at how closely I got them to match.  Go me!  I sort of followed the order the tutorial told me to sew them in. I don't actually remember now, but I know I didn't do it exactly the same.  I'd say, just do what works for you! Oh and instead of sewing the tail on, I just hot glued it.  I was just sick of embroidery thread by then!

Anxiously awaiting their tails

Anyways,  I hope you enjoyed my bunnies!  I did have a great time making them once I set my mind to it.  And I think they are just about the most adorable things ever!  Don't you?

 Off to Josie's house we go!


mom said...

I just found all those bunnies in her toy box :)

What I Did Today said...

These are so stinkin' cute! Might just have to make some of these for Ash!

Crystal said...

They definitely ARE just about the most adorable things ever!

I love your version with the matching embroidery thread, too! :-)

There have been times I lost interest in the middle of a project. I think it's because I want to try so many things and I get impatient if something is taking too long! lol ;-)