Monday, November 23, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

I cut up a purple garbage bag...

It seems weird right?  I have come across a few patterns lately for crocheting things out of recycled plastic bags that I wanted to try.  I was kind of bummed out that every store in Waco has white bags with red printing so everything I made would come out the same boring colors.  Lucky for me I had a beautiful garbage bag sized sack from one of my birthday presents. So I sliced it up and ended with this lovely pile!

You said we were going to sleep in a REAL PILE!

Anyways, all in all I ended up with about 70 yards of plastic "yarn" for a future project!  Hooray!  It wrapped up into a ball a little bigger than a softball.  Of course when I finished cutting it up I dropped the end into my pile and couldn't find it and had to sift through the whole darn thing to find an end to work from.  Hopefully we'll see some results from this soon - if not, at least the destruction was fun and satisfying!  I'm so totally GREEN!

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