Friday, November 12, 2010

Ornament Month! Decoupaged Ornament

Today's ornament is a lovely decoupaged ornament!

I started with one of my clear glass baubles (actually I reused one that I screwed up from another ornament idea...) Then I pulled out my stack of gardening catalogs and cut out a bunch of pictures of white flowers.  I trimmed them as close to the blooms as I could with my embroidery scissors. Next I Mod Podged them (glossy) all over the outside of my ornament.  At this point I thought maybe white was not a good color choice, since my flower pictures started to get see-through when I podged them.  However they dried back in their original state.  Yay!  I also just let the pictures wrinkle however they wanted, and squished them down as flat as they would go.  Does that make sense?  Then I gave it a good coating of podge all over the surface.  Done!

I feel like this ornament doesn't come across that well in photos.  Trust me, it looks great in person! Here's a photo of the other side - lovely lovely lily!

This ended up being a fun but very messy project (Who doesn't love peeling the mod podge skin off of your hands?), but I'm totally happy with the result!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Good thing someone gave you MOD PODGE for your birthday!