Friday, November 19, 2010

Ornament Month! Button Snowman Ornament

Here's another quick stacked button ornament I pulled together.  Today it's a little snowman!  (This is one of the shapes that Martha highlighted in her tutorial)

He was slightly more complicated than the little tree, but not much.  He just required a little more button matching.  Once I had all my buttons sorted out, I strung them on double ply black wire, and twisted in a few strands of brown for the arms.  I opted not to put a nose on mine like Martha suggested, but I'm thinking I might tie a little red ribbon on the neck for a scarf.  Totally cute right? 

1 comment:

val said...

can't believe no one before me commented...this is sooooooo cute! I must make one for my tree this year!
Yours is cuter than the one on her site...I like that you made your arms look like twigs.