Saturday, May 22, 2010

That's what I like about Texas

When you haven't blogged for a really long time, it's hard to know what to start back with, in fact I've been sitting here all morning trying to decide what to blog about.  I've been going through all the crafting photos I have saved up but nothing is really striking me, so I decided to post a few of the awesome wildflower pictures we got this year!  I thought it might be fun to show off some of Stephen's photography since it's one of his "crafts" (he's got way more patience for playing with the camera and getting a great shot than I do!)

Texas has some great wildflowers in the spring.  An amazing variety of different flowers in all sorts of colors.  I don't know if people who have lived in Texas their whole lives get as excited about the flowers as I do (I'm sure they must - who wouldn't?) but coming from Florida, where it pretty much looks the same all year round, I always look forward to the first bluebonnets of the year!  This year  had the best display I've seen yet!  We had a really wet winter so the flowers really put on a show.  When we were in Yoakum back at the beginning of April we drove out to look at some of the fields blanketed in flowers - enjoy the pics!

This is Stephen's Mom's front yard (well, front pasture). Lovely! I wanted to run around in the flowers, but I didn't want to stomp all over them, and I also didn't want grasshoppers to jump on me.

The yellow ones up close.  I don't know what these are called.

A field blanketed in flowers

Purple wine cups?? Some of my favorites! I liked the wiggly things in the top right one (stamens?).

 Pink and red phlox

Why is red so hard to photograph??

The obligatory bluebonnet shot

I noticed how cool Indian paintbrushes (?) looked from straight above


More sunny yellow ones

I hope you enjoyed the wildflowers as much as I did!

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Laura Maurer said...

While these flowers are really pretty, and way more neat than the stupid purple ones that we get in the spring, Dairy Queen is still what I love about Texas.