Saturday, May 22, 2010

My first job

Back in March my friend Sha gave me my first craft job!  Actually, he also gave me my first real job too as a student work at the library - weird huh?  Anyways, after seeing my incredible work on the blog he asked me to make a set of blocks for a friend of his who just had a baby.  Hooray for me! Who knew I was so talented!  Here are a few pictures:

This is what I've been wanting to use for rattles every single time I've made these, but this is the first time mini plastic Easter eggs have been in season. 

Here are the blocks pre-stuffing.  I really like using random colors for things, but I must admit that color coordination looks good.

And the finished blocks!  There really isn't a great place to take a photo in this house but the couch seems to have become my standby for baby blocks...

I guess this makes me a professional now!  My email is on my profile page if you're interested in a set of your own :)


Laura Maurer said...

I have almost all those fabrics! You must have gotten them at JoAnns!

Rachel said...

Those are super-cute! I love the coordinating colors and how great they turned out! Congrats to Molly!