Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I found on the internet this week that I thought were just swell!

I forgot to write my blog post again last night...  I'm not going to let myself off the hook though.  It is too easy to go from letting myself off the hook for one blog post to letting myself off the hook for quitting the blog.  I just need to get back into a writing schedule like I used to have.  So, today I'm going to highlight a few projects that I saw this week that I thought were great, and I want to share (and really want to try if I ever get the time). That's cool right?  Maybe you have seen these already but I know I would love it if one of my projects made it to like every single craft blog on the internet so...  Here we go!

Fabulous find 1: V and Co. Ruffled Heart Pillow

How cute is this pillow?  I want to make a ton of them to throw around my house.  Or maybe I should make one for my office chair.  I've had a Christmas tree pillow sitting on my chair for over a year now.  (It was pretty exciting when it was back in season, but sadly, now I'm feeling like a goober again for still having it out, especially since I put away the rest of my Christmas stuff...) I've been toying with the idea of making myself a set of seasonal pillows that I could stash somewhere near my desk, since I am eternally forgetting things I want to bring to/take home from work.  This pillow might be the jump-start I need.  Also, I wish I had pretty white furniture/white walls to take photos against.  I'm so jealous of good craft photographers!  Great job Vanessa!

Fabulous find #2: Craftify It Ric Rac Rosettes

What a great idea!  I kind of love the rosette trend going around right now, but am way to lazy to go to the effort to make them.  Too much prep involved.  But I already have ric-rac and I know I can roll things up!  I even have some beads already so I'm on my way to making an adorable necklace like the one featured on Craftify It.  So so cute!  I'm all for simple projects with fantastic results.  Thanks for the awesome tutorial Staci!

Fabulous find #3: Magnetic Bunting at Hickety Pickety Handmade

To me, this project is so so clever and so awesome!  I just love it! Along with rosettes, I'm also kind of crazy about the bunting trend in the crafting world.  I would love to dress my fridge up with this bunting (if my husband will let me, I already have about 8 billion magnets on there...)  I have some old promotional magnets that I've been saving for a project and I think this is going to be the one! So cute Chrissy!

Thanks all of you for the inspiration!  Where would I be without all the other crafters in the world to spark my creativity? 

*All images featured here are property of the respective blog owners. I only wish I could take photos this nice.


What I Did Today said...

omg. that pillow? Too DIE for cute! Make one for me while you're at it!

crystal said...

Hi Jenny,
I enjoyed all of the links here, but particularly the Ric Rac Rosettes!!!

How cute are they?? I have to sort through my sewing supplies to see if I have any ric rac at the moment. If not though - I will buy some! Thanks so much for the links. :-)

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Those are some great finds! I love just about anything with a heart on it...