Friday, January 14, 2011

Things of interest (to me, and maybe to you too!)

Oops!  I forgot to write my blog post last night.  That means I have to wing it and make up something quick this morning!  How about a quick little blurb about a couple of the interesting crafty things I’ve come across lately?

Item 1:  Iron Craft

First of all, have you heard about Iron Craft yet?  If you’re involved in the crafting scene at all you probably have – it’s popping up on a lot of the craft blogs I read.  Crafty friends Kathy and Susi host weekly craft challenges and anyone is free to join in.  Then they post some of the submissions on their blog.  It sounds like so much fun!  I haven’t participated yet, but I hope to do at least a few of these challenges this year.  So far, there have been broad challenges (lighting the winter gloom) and more concrete challenges (draft dodgers).  This week’s challenge is bunting and garlands.  I’ve been wanting to make a bunting for a long time (although the fabric I want to use is more summer themed…) so maybe I’ll have to jump in!

Item 2: Swap-bot

 I also recently discovered swap-bot.  It’s a site that hosts nationwide (and international) swaps for all sorts of stuff – a lot of it handmade. Ok, I guess the users host the swaps on the site.  Anyways!  I’ve just started getting into it, but it seems really fun to me.  Like pen pal 2.0.  I figure it will be a good way to get me crafting in a more timely manner, and if I ever decide to do the etsy shop thing, I will have some experience with shipping goodies.  Plus you get neat stuff in the mail from all over the world!

That's all for today!
Stay crafty!

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val said...

you ought to join is lots of fun!