Monday, September 27, 2010

It IS easy being green: Cloth Napkins

A few months ago I decided Stephen and I would start using cloth napkins.  Did I decide this because I wanted an excuse to buy a bunch of cute fat quarter packs, or because I wanted to cut down on our waste paper?  Does it really matter?  I made us a big pile of napkins so we didn't have to worry about washing them every day.  They are each about 16"x16" and made from one fat quarter each. 

First I made this cute set of flowered napkins.  They are sewn around the edges with a simple straight stitch.

I decided to buy this set of fabric since I wanted a few that were a little less girly for Stephen's benefit.  Most of them are still pretty girly though...

A fun added touch for these is the decorative stitching I used!  Neato!

Then I made these two double layered napkins.  I love these ones the most.  So cute!

I had this remnant of blue fabric with polka dot circles from Hobby Lobby, so I made a pair of napkins with it.  They are also double layered, and used some semi-solid-colored pieces for the back.

I keep all our napkins in this cute basket.  I found it at Ikea - it is the PERFECT size!

I don't know if your Michael's had these in their clearance bin, but my Michael's had a ton of cute more "traditional" printed fat quarters on sale for $.79 each.  Nice!  I bought a bunch of my favorites and made a set for my friends when they were having a house warming party. I did a cute scalloped stitch on the edges of these. 

And then I undid them from their neat stack pictured above and turned them into this awesome gift bow instead!  I LOVE how these napkins turned out.

In fact, I loved them so much that I went back to Michael's and bought a whole bunch more fat quarters for myself.

Maybe when I finally get around to "napkinizing" these, I'll whip up a little tutorial to show you how I made them.  Sound fun? What do you think?


What I Did Today said...

These are awesome! And I never thought to look at Michaels for fat quarters. Will have to head over there sometime soon!

crystal said...

I love them. Bring on the tutorial!

Oh how cute they would be in Christmas fabrics - or in any fabric for Christmas gifts!

And, the gift bow IS awesome :-)

Jenny Bolech said...

Thanks you guys! I'm glad you like them!

Oh, and Crystal, even more awesome than the bow is that there was an ice cream maker inside the box!