Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandma Stash Part 3: Tools and such

Here we are at the last "Grandma Stash" post.  This post will consist of all the tools/other stuff that came in my bag of wonderful goodies!

I've been telling people for ages "I need some pinking shears!" hoping that someone would buy me some out of the goodness of their heart.  My mom did offer to give me hers once I think, maybe just to get me to stop asking for some, but as a crafter I felt I could not take such a useful tool away from her.  So when she went to clean out my grandma's house she found these for me!  They seem to still be in pretty good condition too!  Great!!

Did you ever wish you could cut your hair with pinking shears and end up with perfect zig zag ends? 
I know I did...

This is "The Perfect Fit" pattern maker book thingy. I haven't looked at it too much, but it appears to be for altering patterns.  Seems pretty neat to me!  I find that my patterns never fit me quite right.  Do you have that problem too?  Maybe you don't since you already know how to alter patterns...

I think I'm going to try and make that outfit on the far left...

I also got a Singer Circular Stitcher.  This seems kind of cool.  I don't have a singer machine though so I don't know if I'll ever be able to use it...  Still, it's kind of fun to have around, if just for the vintageness.

Next is an old box of pins.  Another cool vintagey thing if you ask me. And I can always use pins!

Next is this mysterious black box labeled "sewing kit." Actually, it's not mysterious at all, it's just a sewing kit.  But it is jam packed with all kinds of goodies.

Inside is this US Navy Sewing Kit. My grandpa was in the navy so I'm guessing this was his.  Did the sailors all have to learn how to sew on their buttons?  And if they could do it, why can't my husband?

Looking inside the sewing kit, it's pretty much just a needle book now...

The big box also contained a number of spools of thread.  I tried sewing a button for my husband with some of this but it's all pretty brittle now, it just snapped off any time I tried to pull it tight.

In the bottom of the box is a great assortment of safety pins and buttons.  I have used some of these already!

There are also a bunch of little scissors and other various tools in the box.  And a thimble! I never had one before now!

One of the tools in there is this thing below.  Does anyone know what this is because I have no idea!

Mystery tool...

I kind of like the idea of keeping my grandma's sewing kit in tact, so I'm not going to try and put a lot of this into my sewing stash.  I do pull out the buttons and safety pins now and again though.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all my new toys!  I know I'm excited to have it :)

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glam.spoon said...

Great post! I was very close with my grandmother, and everything she left me is a treasure.