Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you freecycle?

I do!  I haven't been super active in it, but freecycle is a great way to share your unneeded goods with your local community.  And they will share back with you of course.  I bet there's a freecycle group in your community! I sooooo wanted to freecycle my ugly green chairs, but I had already promised them to my sister so that would not have been nice...

Anyways, I haven't offered anything up on freecycle yet, but I did snag a bag of fabric pieces and sewing/crafting supplies!  Hooray for me!  Here's what I got!

A partially completed Christmas cross stitch

Some Pellon Wonder Under.  I've never had any of this before, but so many tutorials I've read call for it, so I'm pretty happy to have a little to play around with!

Some cute quilting weight fabric - I love the strawberries/rose bud fabric (I can't really decide what I think they are...)

Some velvety and some sort of satiny purple fabric that photographs grayish-blue

A decent sized piece of batting.  I can always use batting!

Some more purple/dark blue fabric.  I think this pile was fleece, but I've stashed it away somewhere so now I can't remember...

Some baby printed flannel

Some small scraps of canvas weight fabric.  Aren't the butterflies cute?  They might make fun patches for something.

A BUNCH of interfacing.  I've already made good use of this stuff!

And strangely enough some puffy paint.  I found it stuck in the bottom of the bag, doesn't really go with the rest of the stash does it?

Go ahead and check out freecycle!  You never know what you might find :)


Sam Harvey said...

i love donating things. it cleans up my home and makes me feel great knowing somebody else will love my great lovable thing. i love your spools of vintage threads.

Laura Maurer Storms said...

I might need to put you on hoarders pretty soon!

Crystal said...

Looks like you got some great supplies there. I especially like the Christmas cross stitch. :-)

We have a "swap shed" in our town. I love the idea that things I no longer need can go to someone who will use them! :-)